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Optimized O/Si Composition Ratio for Enhancing Si Nanocrystal Based Luminescence in Si-rich SiOx Grown by PECVD with Argon Diluted SiH4

  • Chung-Hsiang Chang (a1), Chin-Hua Hsieh (a2), Li-Jen Chou (a3) and Gong-Ru Lin (a4)


Effect of O/Si composition ratio on near-infrared photoluminescence (PL) of PECVD grown Si-rich SiOx after 1100°C annealing are analyzed by Rutherford backscattering (RBS) and Fourier-transformed infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) to show nonlinear relationship with strongest PL at 760 nm at optimized O/Si = 1.24, total Si concentration of 44.6 atom.%, and N2O/SiH4 fluence ratio of 4.5. A nearly Gaussian function of the normalized PL intensity vs. O/Si composition ratio has been observed due to the significant variation on the Si nanocrystals size with the density of the excessive Si atoms.



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Optimized O/Si Composition Ratio for Enhancing Si Nanocrystal Based Luminescence in Si-rich SiOx Grown by PECVD with Argon Diluted SiH4

  • Chung-Hsiang Chang (a1), Chin-Hua Hsieh (a2), Li-Jen Chou (a3) and Gong-Ru Lin (a4)


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