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Optimization and Transformation Analysis of Grain-Boundary-Location-Controlled Si Films

  • H.J. Kim (a1) and James S. Im (a1)


By optimizing various experimental parameters, we were able to extend the width of the microstructually optimized regions in grain-boundary-location-controlled (GLC) Si films up to 10 μm. In situ transient reflectance (TR) measurements during the solidification process reveal that the underlying GLC transformation sequence is consistent with the artificially controlled super-lateral growth (ACSLG) scenario, from which the GLC process was developed and is being optimized. A definite change in the slope of the TR signal was found to appear at the transition between the vertical-and-lateral -growth and lateral-growth-only modes. Protrusions at the center of the GLC Si microstructure, which are observed in cross-sectional TEM micrographs and surface profile measurements, are formed as a result of the positive volume change associated with freezing of Si.



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