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Optical Waveguides Embedded in PCBs - A Real World Application of 3D Structures Written by TPA

  • Ruth Houbertz (a1), Herbert Wolter (a2), Volker Schmidt (a3), Ladislav Kuna (a4), Valentin Satzinger (a5), Christoph Wüchter (a6) and Gregor Langer (a7)...


The integration of optical interconnects in printed circuit boards (PCB) is a rapidly growing field worldwide due to a continuously increasing need for high-speed data transfer. There are any concepts discussed, among which are the integration of optical fibers or the generation of waveguides by UV lithography, embossing, or direct laser writing. The devices presented so far require many different materials and process steps, but particularly also highly-sophisticated assembly steps in order to couple the optoelectronic elements to the generated waveguides. In order to overcome these restrictions, an innovative approach is presented which allows the embedding of optoelectronic components and the generation of optical waveguides in only one optical material. This material is an inorganic-organic hybrid polymer, in which the waveguides are processed by two-photon absorption (TPA) processes, initiated by ultra-short laser pulses. In particular, due to this integration and the possibility of in situ positioning the optical waveguides with respect to the optoelectronic components by the TPA process, no complex packaging or assembly is necessary. Thus, the number of necessary processing steps is significantly reduced, which also contributes to the saving of resources such as energy or solvents. The material properties and the underlying processes will be discussed with respect to optical data transfer in PCBs.



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Optical Waveguides Embedded in PCBs - A Real World Application of 3D Structures Written by TPA

  • Ruth Houbertz (a1), Herbert Wolter (a2), Volker Schmidt (a3), Ladislav Kuna (a4), Valentin Satzinger (a5), Christoph Wüchter (a6) and Gregor Langer (a7)...


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