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Optical Study of Localized and Delocalized States in GaAsN/GaAs

  • Z. Y. Xu (a1), X. D. Luo (a1), X. D. Yang (a1), P. H. Tan (a1), C. L. Yang (a2), W. K. Ge (a2), Y. Zhang (a3), A. Mascarenhas (a3), H. P. Xin (a4) and C. W. Tu (a4)...


Taking advantages of short pulse excitation and time-resolved photoluminescence (PL), we have studied the exciton localization effect in a number of GaAsN alloys and GaAsN/GaAs quantum wells (QWs). In the PL spectra, an extra transition located at the higher energy side of the commonly reported N-related emissions is observed. By measuring PL dependence on temperature and excitation power along with PL dynamics study, the new PL peak has been identified as a transition of the band edge-related recombination in dilute GaAsN alloy and delocalized transition in QWs. Using selective excitation PL we further attribute the localized emission in QWs to the excitons localized at the GaAsN/GaAs interfaces. This interface-related exciton localization could be greatly reduced by a rapid thermal annealing.



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