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Optical study of 2D photonic crystals in an InP/GaInAsP slab waveguide structure

  • Rolando Ferrini (a1), David Leuenberger (a1), Mikaël Mulot (a2), Min Qiu (a2), Jürgen Moosburger (a3), Martin Kamp (a3), Alfred Forchel (a3), Srinivasan Anand (a2) and Romuald Houdré (a1)...


We report on the optical properties of two dimensional (2D) photonic crystals (PCs) deeply etched in an InP/GaInAsP step-index waveguide. Transmission (T) measurements through simple PC slabs and through one-dimensional (1D) Fabry-Pérot (FP) cavities between PC mirrors are reported and compared to theory. A 2D finite difference time-domain (FDTD) method combined to a phenomenological out-of-plane loss model is used to assess different loss contributions. The PC optical properties are deduced from the FP peak analysis. The origin of the high T level observed inside the stopgap is investigated.



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