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Optical Properties of Soot Remelted Silica Irradiated with Excimer Lasers

  • Yasutaka Matsumoto (a1), Nobu Kuzuu (a2) and Masataka Murahara (a3)


Characteristics of ArF laser induced luminescence, and absorption bands in soot remelted silica, before and after annealing in various atmospheres, were investigated. A soot remelted silica containing no OH has an absorption band at 5.1 eV which can be annealed out with H2, but an absorption band at 5.8 eV is induced by subsequent the ArF laser irradiation. In a soot remelted silica containing 50 ppm of OH, an emission band at 1.9 eV was induced by the ArF laser irradiation. The 1.9 eV band can be annealed out with He and H2, but, by annealing in H2, the 5.8 eV absorption band was induced by the ArF laser irradiation as in the case of the silica containing no OH.



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