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Optical Properties of Polystyrene Opals Infiltrated with Cyanine Dyes in the form of J-Aggregates

  • F. Marabelli (a1), D. Comoretto (a2), D. Bajoni (a1), M. Galli (a1) and L. Fornasari (a1)...


We report preliminary data on the infiltration of polystyrene opals with cyanine dye water solutions, which are known to form J-aggregates. Different approaches are used to infiltrate cyanines inside opals. The degree of infiltration is evaluated by scanning and transmission electron microscopy as well as micro reflectance spectroscopy. Data show that in spite of the low wettability of polystyrene with water solutions, some infiltration can be achieved. Even though this degree of infiltration is still not enough to observe strong modification on the photonic band structures, further strategies to improve it are in progress.



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