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Optical Properties of Free-Standing Porous Si Films

  • Y. Kanemitsu (a1), H. Uto (a1), Y. Masumoto (a1), T. Matsumoto (a2), T. Futagi (a2) and H. Mimura (a2)...


We have studied optical properties of free-standing porous Si thin films fabricated by electrochemical anodization. The average diameter of Si crystallite spheres is evaluated by Raman spectroscopy and transmission electron microscopy. The blueshift of optical absorption spectrum is observed with a decrease in the average diameter of Si crystallites. However, there is no clear size dependence of the peak energy of broad photoluminescence spectrum. Spectroscopic analysis strongly suggests that the photogeneration of carriers occurs in the c-Si core whose band gap is modified by the quantum confinement effect, whereas the radiative recombination of carriers occurs in the near-surface region of small crystallites.



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[18] If we assume that the number of photons absorbed in the sample film depends on the porosity p and is proportional to (1-p), the corrected optical absorption coefficient β is approximately given by β = α - [In(1-p)]/d, where a is the absorption coefficient of the sample film determined from the transmission spectrum without the correction of porosity and d is the sample thickness. Using values of p-0.6-0.8 and d-40 ptm, the correction term of -[In(1-p)/d] estimated to be -2-4x102 cm−1.
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Optical Properties of Free-Standing Porous Si Films

  • Y. Kanemitsu (a1), H. Uto (a1), Y. Masumoto (a1), T. Matsumoto (a2), T. Futagi (a2) and H. Mimura (a2)...


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