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Optical Properties of Cu-(110) Surface

  • Patrizia Monachesi (a1), Maurizia Palummo (a1), Rodolfo Del Sole (a1), Rajeev Ahuja (a2) and Olle Eriksson (a2)...


We present the first ab initio calculations of the optical properties of the (110) clean surface of Cu for which the Anisotropic Surface Reflectivity (RAS) has been recently measured. This technique exploits the anisotropy of the reflectivity along the directions [110], [001] on the surface. Calculations are performed with a Full Potential Linear Muffin Tin Orbital method, within LDA, in the slab geometry. The comparison of our calculated Surface Dielectric Anisotropy (SDA) ω[1110] – [001] with the one obtained from the RAS spectrum is almost satisfactory for a slab of 11 atomic layers.



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