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Optical near-field enhancement around lithographic metallic nanostructures using an azo-dye polymer: direct observation and realization of sub-wavelength complex structures

  • Christophe Hubert (a1), Anna Rumyantseva (a1), Gilles Lérondel (a1), Johan Grand (a1), Sergeï Kostcheev (a1), Laurent Billot (a1), Alexandre Vial (a1), Renaud Bachelot (a1), Pascal Royer (a1), Gilbert Chang (a1), Stephen K. Gray (a2), Gary P. Wiederrecht (a2) and George C. Schatz (a3)...


We report on the direct observation of optical near-field enhancement around metallic nanoparticles. We used an easy to set up approach which consists in irradiating a photosensitive azo-dye polymer film spin-coated on metallic nanostructures. Photoinduced topographical modifications of the polymer film surface are characterized after irradiation by atomic force microscopy (AFM). Comparisons between AFM images and numerical simulations show that these photo-induced topography agrees with the near-field intensity distribution around the nano-structures. The possibility of generating complex structures is demonstrated.



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