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Optical Methods for Defect Characterization in Light-Ion Implanted Silicon Carbide

  • Claudiu I. Muntele (a1), Iulia C. Muntele (a1), Daryush Ila (a1), David B. Poker (a2) and Dale K. Hensley (a2)...


The work reported here deals with studying the defects induced by light ion (Al, N) implantation in 4H and 6H silicon carbide, both p-type (Al-doped) and n-type (N-doped). Confocal Micro-Raman (MR) was used for monitoring the (480 – 540) cm-1 spectral region of amorphous silicon. A broad peak forms in this region because of silicon atoms relocated as interstitials, translating into a locally stressed crystalline lattice. The locally relaxed lattice at these atoms' locations of origin also gives a broadening of the characteristic Raman peaks of each type of material. UV/Vis Optical Absorption (OA) Spectroscopy has also been employed as a good tool for dopant and carrier trapping levels embedded in the band gap of the silicon carbide material. MR and OA data collected from virgin samples, as implanted, and after annealing at two different temperatures (1100 and 1600 °C) are discussed in this paper.



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