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Optical Limiting in Chromophore-Doped Gelatin Thin Films

  • Thomas M. Cooper (a1), Angela L. Campbell (a1), Weijie Su (a1), Keith Obermeier (a1), Karthik Natarajan (a1), Robert L. Crane (a1), W. W. Adams (a1) and Mark Brant (a2)...


To develop optical power limiting thin films prepared from water-soluble materials, we have prepared chromophore-doped gelatin thin films. Thin films of gelatin were prepared by spin coating followed by annealing. We also prepared thin films doped with the water-soluble chromophore copper phthalocyanine sodium tetrasulfonate. The films were characterized by film profilometry and optical absorption spectroscopy. Optical power limiting measurements of these films, as well as comparisons with aqueous solution and gels were performed.



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