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Optical Characterization and Mapping of Four INCH InSb Epitaxial thin Films Grown on GaAs by Turbo Disk Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Z. C. Feng (a1), C. Beckham (a1), P. Schumaker (a1), I. Ferguson (a1), R. A. Stall (a1), N. Schumaker (a1), M. Povioski (a2) and A. Whitley (a2)...


A large number of 4 inch (100 mm) diameter 1–2 μm thick InSb films have been grown on GaAs by low pressure metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) turbo disk technology. Raman scattering microscopy was used to study the effects of III-V source ratios on the film crystalline quality and to optimize the growth parameters. Multi-point Raman measurements over the entire 4” wafer were performed to exhibit the uniformity distribution of the film crystalline quality. A FTIR reflectance mapping system has been established to map the film thickness distribution. Good uniformity of the film thickness and crystalline perfection was obtained. Raman and FTIR are showing useful tools for non-destructive characterization of large area wafers for industrial mass production.



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