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Optical Channel Waveguides in AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Well Structures Formed by Focused Ion Beam Induced Compositional Mixing

  • Mukesh Kumar (a1), Gregory N. De Brabander (a1), Peter Chen (a1), Joseph T. Boyd (a1), Andrew J. Steckl (a1), Ahn Goo Choo (a2), Howard E. Jackson (a2), Robert D. Burnham (a3) and Stephen C. Smith (a3)...


Optical channel waveguiding in AlGaAs multiple quantum well structures formed by compositional mixing implemented by focused ion beam (FIB) implantation is demonstrated. To achieve selective mixing, Si is FIB implanted with a dose of 5×1014 cm−2 followed by RTA at 950°C for 10 s. Raman microprobe spectra are used to characterize the lateral variation of mixing. Propagation loss in a channel waveguide is measured. Measurement of the waveguide mode field distribution allows for the determination of changes in refractive index due to mixing and an approximate mixing depth.



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