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Optical And Electrical Properties Of Doped Polysilanes

  • M. Kakimoto (a1), H. Ueno (a1), H. Kojima (a1), Y. Yamaguchi (a1) and A. Nishimura (a1)...


The doping effects on optical and electrical properties of polysilanes have been investigated by in-situ Measurement. An optical absorption associated with σ–σ* transition was observed near 330 nm for polymethylphenylsilane. By iodine doping, a new absorption was observed at the longer wavelength around 420 nm, which should originate from the charge transfer between dopant and Σ-conjugated system. Similar spectral changes have also been observed for most of investigated linear polysilanes.

Furthermore, we have found drastic spectral change upon iodine doping into polysilane with p-N,N-dimethyIaminophenyI substituent. It has very strong absorption up to 700 nm. It Might originate from a strong interaction between the substituent and iodine. At the same time, Σ-conjugation Might also play a significant role on doping into this system.



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