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Open-Circuit Voltage Physics in Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells

  • L. Jiang, J. H. Lyou, S. Rane (a1), E. A. Schiff, Q. Wang and Q. Yuan (a1)...


We have performed computer calculations to explore effects of the p/i interface on the open-circuit voltage in a-Si:H based pin solar cells. The principal conclusions are that interface limitation can occur for values of VOC significantly below the built-in potential VBI of a cell, and that the effects can be understood in terms of thermionic emission of electrons from the intrinsic layer into the p-layer. We compare measurements of VOC and electroabsorption estimates of VBI with the model calculations. We conclude that p/i interface limitation is important for current a-Si:H based cells, and that the conduction band offset between the p and i layers is as important as the built-in potential for future improvements to VOC .


Corresponding author

Corresponding author;


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Present address: Guidant Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Permanent address: Department of Physics, Korea University, Chungnam 399-800, South Korea


Present address: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO 80401



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Open-Circuit Voltage Physics in Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells

  • L. Jiang, J. H. Lyou, S. Rane (a1), E. A. Schiff, Q. Wang and Q. Yuan (a1)...


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