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On the Thermoelectric Power in Quantum Dots of Non-Parabolic Semiconductors in Thr Presence of a Classically Large Field

  • Ktamkahya P. Ghatak (a1), B. De (a2), M. Mondal (a3) and S.N. Biswas (a4)


We have studied the thermoelectric power in quantum dots (QDs) of non-parabolic semiconductors in the presence of a classically large magnetic field and we have taken A3 N B2 V, ternary chalcopyrite, II-VI and III-V semiconductors. It is found that the thermopower increases with increasing film thickness and decreasing electron concentration respectively in all the cases. The numerical values are greatest for Cd3As2 and least for InAs and the theoretical results are in ageement with the experimental observation as reported elsewhere.



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