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On the Forward Conduction Mechanisms in SiC P-N Junctions

  • Lourdes Pelaz (a1), J. Vicente (a1), M. Jaraiz (a1), L. Bailon (a1) and J. Barbolla (a1)...


ABSTRACT:In SiC junctions, it is usual to find the ideality factor n=2 (or slightly higher) in 6H-SiC and n>2 and temperature dependent for 3C-SiC. However, the recombination current yields an ideality factor no higher than 2. This value can be slightly increased by considering the Poole-Frenkel effect (PFE), so that the 6H-SiC junction characteristics can be properly fitted. On the other hand, 3C-SiC junction characteristics, which are quite different from the ideal ones, cannot be satisfactorily explained on the basis of this model and the multitunnel capture-emission mechanism is proposed as the responsible for this behavior.



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On the Forward Conduction Mechanisms in SiC P-N Junctions

  • Lourdes Pelaz (a1), J. Vicente (a1), M. Jaraiz (a1), L. Bailon (a1) and J. Barbolla (a1)...


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