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On the Characterisatiopn of Order-Disorder in Ion-Irradiated Pyrochlore Compounds by Electron Scattering Methods

  • Gregory R. Lumpkin (a1), Karl R. Whittle (a1), Mark G. Blackford (a1), Katherine L. Smith (a1) and Nestor J. Zaluzec (a2)...


Selected area electron diffraction patterns are routinely used to determine the effects of irradiation damage in nuclear materials. Using zone axis orientations, the intensities of Bragg beams change from a dynamical to kinematic-like state due to the presence of amorphous domains in the material. Such changes in beam intensities, together with the increased diffuse scattering from the increasing amorphous fraction, present a major obstacle to the determination of cation or anion disorder in the crystalline fraction.



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