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On Dominant Factors for C-Axis Orientation of Co-Cr Films in Sputter-Deposition

  • S. Nakagawa (a1), Y. Niimura (a1) and M. Naoe (a1)


Co-Cr thin film with the excellent c-axis orientation is required as the media for ultra high density perpendicular recording. There are two dominant factors that affect the c-axis orientation. One is the process condition such as argon gas pressure and targets-substrate distance L which change the kinetic energies of arriving atoms on substrate. The concept of mean collision number was introduced to get better understanding the relation between c-axis orientation and kinetic energy of particles. In this study, Facing Targets Sputtering (FTS) system was used because of its superiority as the plasma free sputtering. And the other is the interfacial effect between the substrate and the deposited film. In order to investigate the Interfacial effect, it has been performed to prepare the CoCr(500Å)/CoCr(500Å) double layer. By controlling the argon gas pressure, thin layers with different c-axis orientation can be easily obtained. When the c-axis well oriented 1st layer was used as the under layer, good c-axis orientation of 2nd layer was obtained even at the high argon gas pressure at which c-axis orientation in the single layer is poor. However, this improvement of c-axis orientation did not continue with the increase of the thickness of 2nd layer. It was clarified that there was the critical thickness in the 2nd layer affected by the c-axis orientation of under layer. As a result, it was concluded that the process condition was the superior dominant factor for c-axis orientation.



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On Dominant Factors for C-Axis Orientation of Co-Cr Films in Sputter-Deposition

  • S. Nakagawa (a1), Y. Niimura (a1) and M. Naoe (a1)


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