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Omnidirectional reflectance and optical gap properties of Si/SiO2 Thue-Morse quasicrystals

  • L. Dal Negro (a1), M. Stolfi (a1) (a2), Y. Yi (a1), J. Michel (a1), X. Duan (a1), L.C. Kimerling (a1), J. Leblanc (a2) and J. Haavisto (a2)...


Aperiodic one dimensional Si/SiO2 Thue-Morse (T-M) multilayer structures have been fabricated, for the first time, in order to investigate both the band-gap behavior, with respect to the system size (band-gap scaling), and the omnidirectional reflectance of the fundamental optical band-gap. Variable angle reflectance data have experimentally demonstrated a large reflectance band-gap in the optical spectrum of a T-M quasicrystal, in agreement with transfer matrix simulations. We have explained the physical origin of the T-M omnidirectional band-gap as a result of periodic spatial correlations in the self-similar T-M structure, as revealed by Fourier Transform and Wavelet analysis. The unprecedented degree of structural flexibility showed by T-M systems can provide an attractive alternative to photonic crystals for the fabrication of photonic devices.



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Omnidirectional reflectance and optical gap properties of Si/SiO2 Thue-Morse quasicrystals

  • L. Dal Negro (a1), M. Stolfi (a1) (a2), Y. Yi (a1), J. Michel (a1), X. Duan (a1), L.C. Kimerling (a1), J. Leblanc (a2) and J. Haavisto (a2)...


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