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Ohmic Contacts on N-Type Hg0.4Cd0.6Te.

  • Patrick W. Leech (a1), Geoffrey K. Reeves (a2) and Martyn H. Kibel (a1)


The electrical characteristics of In, Sn, Au and Pt contacts on n-type Hg0.4Cd0.6Te formed in the presence and absence of prior In2+ implantation have been examined. Measurements of specific contact resistance made using a Transmission Line Model have shown that the unimtlanted In/Hg0.4Cd0.6 and Sn/Hg0.4Cd0.6 junctions gave values of pc = 3.0x10−3 to 4.0x10−3 ohm.cm2. Auger sputter profiles of the asdeposited In/Hg0.4Cd0.6 and Sn/Hg0.4Cd0.6 interfaces have shown a significant in-diffusion of the metal overlayer. The influence of shallow In2+ implantation prior to metallization was an increase in pc which occurred above a dose of 1013 ions/cm2. In contrast, Pt and Au formed Schottky barrier diodes on n-type Hg0.4Cd0.6 with øb=0.69eV for Pt and øb=0.79eV for Au. With prior In2+ implantation, both Pt and Au contacts exhibited an ohmic behaviour with pc= 2x10−1 ohm.cm2. These results have significance in the fabrication of devices for 1.0 -2.5μm optical communications.



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