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Ohmic and rectifying contacts to n-SiC formed by energetic deposition of carbon

  • Masturina Kracica (a1), Jim G. Partridge (a1), Dougal G. McCulloch (a1), Patrick W. Leech (a2), Anthony S. Holland (a2) and Geoff K. Reeves (a2)...


Energetically-deposited carbon contacts to n-type 6H-SiC have exhibited either insulating, rectifying or ohmic electrical characteristics depending on the average energy of the depositing flux and the substrate temperature. Deposition at room temperature and at a low-medium average energy (<500 eV) has resulted in carbon with a low graphitic content and insulating electrical contacts. With higher average energy and at a moderately elevated temperature (∼100 °C), the higher graphitic content contacts were rectifying with an ideality factor, η, of ∼1.8 and barrier height of ∼0.88 eV. Oriented graphitic carbon deposited at 200 °C with biases exceeding 300 V formed ohmic contacts.



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