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OES, LIF, and MS Studies of Silane, Disilane, and Chlorosilane Plasmas

  • H. U. Lee (a1), R. C. Ross (a1) and J. P. De Neufville (a1)


Using optical emission spectroscopy (OES), mass spectrometry (MS), and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), we are investigating a number of glow-discharge reactions as a function of RF power, flow rates, partial pressures, and H2 dilution under realistic thin-film deposition conditions.In this paper we report on the preliminary results of two studies:

  1. 1)The formation of radical and polymeric species in SiH4 and Si2H6 plasmas, and
  2. 2)The characterization of SiF4 + H2 plasmas and the detection of HSiCl and HSiF in the plasmas of SiH2Cl2 and SiH2F2, respectively.



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