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ODMR of Shallow Donors in Zn-Doped Lec-Grown InP

  • J. M. Trombetta (a1) and T. A. Kennedy (a1)


ODMR spectra observed while monitoring the shallow donor-shallow acceptor pair emission in Zn-doped LEC-grown InP display strong features in the region near the conduction electron value of g=1.20. In addition to a previously observed narrow line, we observe a much broader resonance which dominates at low photoexcitation intensity. This broader line is interpreted as the unresolved exchange split resonances of electrons bound to residual shallow donors. The exchange broadening arises from interactions with nearby paramagnetic centers. Both resonances result in a decrease in the shallow-donor-to-shallow-acceptor radiative recombination and give evidence for pair recombination processes which compete with this emission.



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ODMR of Shallow Donors in Zn-Doped Lec-Grown InP

  • J. M. Trombetta (a1) and T. A. Kennedy (a1)


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