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Observation of Superheating of Si at the Si/SiO2 Interface in Pulsed-laser irradiated Si Thin Films

  • J.J. Wang (a1), A.B. Limanov (a1), Ying Wang (a1) and James S. Im (a1)


Substantial superheating of single-crystal Si films at and near the bottom Si/SiO2 interface was observed. This was accomplished via back-side irradiation of a (100) single-crystal Si film on a quartz substrate using an excimer-laser pulse. The spatiotemporal details of the melting transition were tracked in situ using surface-side and substrate-side transient reflectance measurements, and the one-dimensional thermal profile evolution within the solid film during the heating period was numerically computed using the experimentally extracted temporal profile of the incident beam and temperature-dependent optical and thermal parameters of the materials. A simple lower-bound estimation identifies that superheating in excess of 100 K was attained within Si along the bottom (100)-Si/SiO2 interface even at moderate beam energy densities.



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Observation of Superheating of Si at the Si/SiO2 Interface in Pulsed-laser irradiated Si Thin Films

  • J.J. Wang (a1), A.B. Limanov (a1), Ying Wang (a1) and James S. Im (a1)


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