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Observation of Large Low Field Magnetoresistance in Ramp-Edge Tunneling Junctions Based on Doped Manganite Ferromagnetic Electrodes and A SrTiO3 Insulator

  • C. Kwon (a1), Q. X. Jia (a1), Y. Fan (a1), M. F. Hundley (a1), D. W. Reagor (a1), M. E. Hawley (a1) and D. E. Peterson (a1)...


We report the fabrication of ferromagnet-insulator-ferromagnet junction devices using a ramp-edge geometry based on (La0.7Sr0.3)MnO3 ferromagnetic electrodes and a SrTiO3 insulator. The multilayer thin films were deposited using pulsed laser deposition and the devices were patterned using photolithography and ion milling. As expected from the spin-dependent tunneling, the junction magnetoresistance depends on the relative orientation of the magnetization in the electrodes. The maximum junction magnetoresistance (JMR) of 30 % is observed below 300 Oe at low temperatures (T < 100 K).



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