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Observation of coupled plasmon-polariton modes of plasmon waveguides for electromagnetic energy transport below the diffraction limit

  • Stefan A. Maier (a1), Pieter G. Kik (a1), Mark L. Brongersma (a1), Harry A. Atwater (a1), Sheffer Meltzer (a2), Ari A.G. Requicha (a2) and Bruce E. Koel (a2)...


We study the influence of optical near-field interactions on the dipole surface plasmon resonance of Au nanoparticles in closely spaced particle arrays using finite-difference timedomain simulations. In particular, the resonance energies of the collective plasmon-polariton modes are determined for longitudinal and transverse polarization for different particle array lengths and inter-particle spacings of 50 nm Au spheres in air. The obtained results are set in context with recent publications suggesting the possibility to use ordered arrays of closely spaced noble metal nanoparticles as plasmon waveguides for electromagnetic energy below the diffraction limit of light.



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