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Observation and Characterization of the Pseudomorphic to Stable Phase Transitions of Fe1-xSi on Si(111)

  • N. Onda (a1), H. Sirringhaus (a1), S. Goncalves-Conto (a1), C. Schwarz (a1), E. Muller-Gubler (a1) and H. Von Kanel (a1)...


Pseudomorphic Fe1-x Si films have been grown on Si(111) by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) at room temperature (RT). Structural investigations revealed that the phase crystallizes in the cubic CsCl structure with a lattice constant close to half that of Si. Upon annealing, films thicker than 15Å undergo a phase transition to the stable bulk ε-FeSi, either in epitaxial or in polycrystalline form at temperatures around 300°C. Thinner films do not transform to the ε-FeSi phase. Instead they exhibit a continuous increase of the Si content up to the stoichiometry of FeSi2 The CsCl symmetry persists, exept for prolonged annealing close to the transition to βFeSi2, where γ-FeSi2 (CaF2 ) forms as an intermediate phase.



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