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Nucleation of (Mo) Precipitates on Dislocations During Annealing of a Mo-rich Mo5SiB2 Phase

  • Nobuaki Sekido (a1), Ridwan Sakidja (a1) and John H. Perepezko (a1)


Upon annealing an as-cast Mo-10Si-20B alloy at high temperatures, a Mo solid solution phase precipitates within a supersaturated Mo5SiB2 phase. The precipitation behavior of the Mo solid solution was investigated by means of transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffractometry. It is found that the Mo5SiB2 phase in a Mo-10Si-20B alloy contains a significant amount of structural vacancies in the as-cast state. The excess vacancies are removed to form dislocations during annealing, which provides the heterogeneous nucleation sites for the (Mo) precipitates.



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