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Novel Vapor Phase biodegradable coatings for controlled drug delivery systems

  • Arul Chakkaravarthi Arjunan (a1), Sushant Gupta (a2), Rajiv K Singh (a3), Deepika Singh (a4) and Jeff Opalko (a5)...


The synthesis of nano-functionalized drug particles or drug particles with nanoscale biodegradable polymeric coatings has wider ranging applications in sustained release drug delivery systems. An important area of application includes delivery of drugs, such as proteins, peptides, and glucocorticoids via the inhalation process. The advantages of this method include, rapid absorption by the body and lack of metabolic degradation effects which is typically by some drugs during oral delivery. Here we discuss the novel pulsed laser and pulsed electron method to synthesize nanoscale biodegradable coatings of poly lactic acid (PLA) onto antiasthmatic drugs. In pulsed laser method a pulsed excimer laser ablates a thin layer of polymer which is deposited onto 1 -5 micron drug particles which are fluidized in the gas chamber. The control of the thickness, conformation and the chemistry of the nanoscale coating process will be discussed in detail. Applications of this methodology to delivery of anti asthamtic drugs and insulin will be discussed. The effect of polymer coating chemistry, molecular weight, hydrophobicity, and thickness on the sustained release characteristics will be discussed. A unique method for depositing the PLA films, pulsed electron beam deposition (PED) was used to deposit the films. This technique was tried done to overcome the difficulties like low absorption co-efficient of UV-laser. Method proved to be promising for producing smooth films and offers a better thickness control of the deposition. The RMS roughness and other morphological characteristics of PED deposited films were superior over the conventional laser ablated films.



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Novel Vapor Phase biodegradable coatings for controlled drug delivery systems

  • Arul Chakkaravarthi Arjunan (a1), Sushant Gupta (a2), Rajiv K Singh (a3), Deepika Singh (a4) and Jeff Opalko (a5)...


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