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A Novel Tick Film Nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu3+ Phosphor Synthesized by Post-Dispersion Treatment at Low Temperature

  • Sung-Jei Hong (a1), Min-Gi Kwak (a1), Dae-Gyu Moon (a1), Won-Keun Kim (a1) and Jeong-In Han (a1)...


In this study, a novel thick film nanocrystalline phosphor is synthesized by using postdispersion treatment at low temperature. The post-dispersion treatment is to prevent the agglomeration between the precursors by mixing the organic dispersing agent with them before heat-treatment. The mean size of the particle heat-treated at 500°C is 4nm. Also, europium is uniformly distributed in the yttrium oxide with deviation below 0.5%. The nanocrystalline phosphor is principally composed of cubic structure having preferred orientation of <222>, <440>, and <400>. The photoluminescence properties of the nanocrystalline phosphor characterized with monochrometric systems reveals that the main PL peak is detected at 611 nm, and thick film nanocrystalline phosphor with 15wt% europium exhibits better properties.



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