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Novel Structure of Microporous Activated Carbon Fibers and Their Gas Adsorption

  • Toshiaki Enoki (a1), Norikazu Kobayashi (a1), Atsuko Nakayama (a1), Kazuya Suzuki (a1), Chiaki Ishii (a2), Katsumi Kaneko (a2), Yuko Hosokoshi (a3), Minoru Kinoshita (a3), Morinobu Endo (a4) and Norifumi Shindo (a5)...


Activated carbon fibers are a kind of microporous carbon. Using dangling bond spins attached to the peripheries of the micropores, we investigated the microporous structures in relation to the heat-treatment and gas adsorption effects. Functional groups weakly bonded to the graphitic backbone are removed by the heat-treatment at moderate temperatures 200-400°C, resulting in the generation of a variety of dangling bond spins. The heattreatment above 500°C brings about homogenization of the dangling bond spins. For gas adsorption, the introduction of helium gas strongly enhances the spin-lattice relaxation rate for the dangling bond spins. In addition to a remarkably large condensation of helium gas in the microporous region, the enhancement proves the presence of ultra-micropores which can accommodate only the smallest diameter helium atoms.



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