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Novel Semiconducting Phase of Amorphous Carbon Nickel Composite Films

  • Somnath Bhattacharyya (a1), S. J. Henley (a2), N. P. Blanchard (a3) and S. R. P. Silva (a4)


A homogeneously mixed phase of carbon and 10% nickel yielding amorphous carbon-nickel composite (a-C-Ni) films is prepared by an excimer UV pulsed laser ablation. Conductivity study of these films shows a nearly activated conduction. Also a saturation of conductivity below a temperature of 25 K explains the presence of an additional density of states at the Fermi level in these samples. Our experiments demonstrate a very different behaviour of electronic properties of these novel materials compared to undoped diamond-like carbon (DLC) films, which was directly confirmed using valence band spectroscopy.



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Novel Semiconducting Phase of Amorphous Carbon Nickel Composite Films

  • Somnath Bhattacharyya (a1), S. J. Henley (a2), N. P. Blanchard (a3) and S. R. P. Silva (a4)


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