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A Novel Micro Tensile Testing Instrument with Replaceable Testing Specimen by Parylene Passivation Technique

  • Yung-Dong Lau (a1), Tso-Chi Chang (a2), Hong Hocheng (a3), Rongshun Chen (a2) and Weileun Fang (a3)...


This study has successfully demonstrated a novel tensile testing approach to mount the thin film test specimen onto the MEMS instrument using microfabrication process. The MEMS instrument consists of thermal actuator, differential capacitance sensor, supporting spring. The thermal actuator applies tensile load on the test specimen to characterize the Young's modulus and the residual stress of thin films. As compare with the existing approaches, the problems and difficulties resulting from the alignment and assembly of thin film test specimens with the testing instrument can be prevented. Furthermore, the parylene passivation technique of MEMS fabrication process allows the changing of testing film materials easily. In application, the present approach has been employed to determine the Young's modulus and the residual stress of Al films.



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