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A Novel Light-Emitting Mixed-Ligand Iridium(III) Complex With a Polymeric Terpyridine-PEG Macroligand: Synthesis And Characterization

  • Elisabeth Holder (a1), Veronica Marin (a1), Michael A. R. Meier (a1), Dmitry Kozodaev (a1) and Ulrich S. Schubert (a1)...


The synthesis of mixed ligand orthometalated iridium(III) complexes as well as the characterization of their electro-optical properties is briefly illustrated. The cyclic voltammetry results exemplify an enhanced stability of the complex with a poly(ethylene glycol (PEG) side chain compared to the corresponding organometallic model material. Less degradation of the electrically active centers was found to occur on the electrode surface. Furthermore the morphology of thin films of the described polymeric material was investigated with respect to potential applications in thin film devices.



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