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A Novel Direct Pulse Laser Deposited Nickel Silicide Ohmic Contact to n-SiC

  • M. W. Cole (a1), P. C. Joshi (a1), C. W. Hubbard (a1), E. Ngo (a1), J. D. Demaree (a1), J. K. Hirvonen (a1), M. C. Wood (a1) and M. H. Ervin (a1)...


Pulsed laser direct deposit Ni2Si Ohmic contacts were successfully fabricated on n-SiC. The electrical, structural, compositional, and surface morphological properties were investigated as a function of heat treatments ranging from 700 °C to 950 °C. The as-deposited and 700 °C annealed samples were non-Ohmic. Annealing at 950 C° yielded excellent Ohmic behavior, an abrupt void free interface, and a smooth surface morphology. No residual carbon was present within the contact film or at the film-SiC interface and the contact showed no appreciable contact expansion as a result of the 950 °C annealing process. Results of this investigation demonstrate that 950 °C annealed pulse laser deposited Ni2Si-SiC contacts possess excellent electrical, interfacial, microstructural, and surface properties, which are required for reliable device operation.



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A Novel Direct Pulse Laser Deposited Nickel Silicide Ohmic Contact to n-SiC

  • M. W. Cole (a1), P. C. Joshi (a1), C. W. Hubbard (a1), E. Ngo (a1), J. D. Demaree (a1), J. K. Hirvonen (a1), M. C. Wood (a1) and M. H. Ervin (a1)...


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