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A Novel Approach to the Assessment of Semiconductor Hetero-Interfaces in Multilayer Structures

  • J.S. Rimmer (a1), M Missous (a1), A.R. Peaker (a1) and B. Hamilton (a2)


We demonstrate the novel use of CV simulation to determine the level of charge at each interface in multilayer GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures. The gettering of charged centres at the earliest grown interfaces is quantitatively appraised and the parallel application of PL decay lifetime measurements determines their effectiveness as recombination centres. A direct relationship is found between the magnitude of the charged states and the recombination velocity. Estimates of a 1eV activation energy and a hole capture cross section of 10−15 cm2 were also obtained. This suggests that the dominant recombination centre could be observed as a hole trap.



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