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A novel 3C-SiC on Si power Schottky diode design and modelling

  • Fan Li (a1), Yogesh K. Sharma (a1), Craig A. Fisher (a1), Michael R. Jennings (a1) and Philip A. Mawby (a1)...


Although 3C-SiC has a narrower bandgap than 4H-SiC, it is the only SiC polytype that can be grown directly over large area silicon substrates. It has the potential to provide a more economical choice than 4H-SiC for intermediate power devices, such as inverters for electric vehicles. To fabricate a vertical device on 3C-SiC, the Si substrate is usually removed either by etching or polishing. Neither of these processes is economical nor efficient. In this paper we propose a lateral Schottky diode design for 3C-SiC on Si structure. 2D finite element simulations using ATLAS showed that a breakdown voltage beyond 1200 V can be achieved with a 4 μm thick epilayer. Physical models used for 3C-SiC/Si power devices simulations are introduced. Advantages of lateral 3C-SiC/Si diodes over free standing 3C-SiC are also discussed.



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A novel 3C-SiC on Si power Schottky diode design and modelling

  • Fan Li (a1), Yogesh K. Sharma (a1), Craig A. Fisher (a1), Michael R. Jennings (a1) and Philip A. Mawby (a1)...


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