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Non-lithographic Patterning of Oxide-Embedded Silicon Nanoparticles

  • José R. Rodríguez Núñez (a1), Melanie Johnson (a1) and Jonathan G. C. Veinot (a1)


Oxide-embedded Silicon nanoparticles (OE-Si-NPs) are of great interest for many applications due to unique size effects observed when their size drops below 5 nm (Silicon’s Bohr exciton radius). Some of the suggested applications require patterning of the nanoparticles in an ordered array. Lithographic methods to pattern Si-NPs are common in the literature, however these methods can be costly, and are not time-efficient. Recently, non-lithographic patterning techniques have become very attractive because they are cost-effective and straightforward. In this proceeding we will demonstrate non-lithographic patterning of OE-Si-NPs characterized via AFM and XPS.



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