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Non-Linear Optical Characteristics of Novel Porphyrin Dye Media

  • K. J. McEwan (a1), J. M. Robertson (a1), A. P. Wylie (a2) and H. L. Anderson (a2)


Measurements of sensitive RSA phenonema in new porphyrin dyes are presented. Both the linear and non-linear optical properties are shown to depend strongly on the molecular structure. A detailed analysis of two of the porphyrins reveals that inter-systems crossing rate and the excited state absorption profile are strongly influenced by substitution of a heavy atom into the central atom position. It is shown that by appropriate choice of wavelength values in excess of 30 can be achieved for the material parameter σex / σgr. This value compares well with previously reported results and is achieved in conjunction with excited state lifetimes on the order of 300 ns.



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