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Non-Contact Temperature Measurement with Infrared Interferometry

  • Steven C. H. Hung (a1), Haike K. Dong (a1) and Charles W. Tu (a1)


We have successfully utilized the temperature dependence of the refractive indices of various substrates (GaAs and InP) in detecting their temperature variations. The detectionwas accomplished by injecting a beam of HeNe laser (1.15 μm) toward a double-sidepolished substrate. An interference pattern developed among the reflected laser beams, and the actual temperature increment/decrement could be deduced from the interference maxima and minima. The method was first calibrated inside a diffusion furnace from room temperature up to 200ºC, and the detection resolution was found to reach as high as ±0.7ºC. The same measurement setup was later used on the temperature calibration of a substrate heater in a molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) growth chamber, and was finally used to detect surface temperature change during Ar+ laser assisted metalorganic MBE (MOMBE) growth. Because a direct contact is unnecessary and only the relative signal intensity is needed, this low-cost method can be applied to any otherexperiments in a fairly straightforward manner.



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Non-Contact Temperature Measurement with Infrared Interferometry

  • Steven C. H. Hung (a1), Haike K. Dong (a1) and Charles W. Tu (a1)


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