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Nitrogen-Carbon Interactions in Optical Defects in Silicon

  • A. Dörnen (a1), R. Sauer (a2) and G. Pensl (a3)


We report five photoluminescence lines N1 through N5 in silicon which emerge after sequential nitrogen and carbon implantation. Studied is in particular the 0.7456 eV (N1) electronic-vibronic spectrum. Single nitrogen and carbon atoms in the defect are identified by isotope shifts of the no-phonon transition and of a local mode satellite with vibration quantum energy ħω= 122.9 meV. Uniaxial stress or Zeeman measurements yield monoclinic I (C1h) or trigonal (C3v) symmetry, respectively, of the optical defect. Comparing the energy of the local mode and its isotope effects with recent literature data on the nitrogen 963 cm−1 IR vibrational absorption line we discuss a defect model involving a substitutional nitrogen atom modified by an interstitial carbon atom.



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