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Nitrocellulose and BKNO3 Based Igniters for Gun Systems.

  • Eugene Rozumov (a1), Carlton P. Adam (a1), Thelma G. Manning (a1), Joseph M. Laquidara (a1), Kimberly Chung (a1), Duncan Park (a1) and Viral Panchal (a1)...


Common igniters such as black powder, benite, and boron potassium nitrate (BKNO3) are routinely employed in all calibers of gun systems. Armament Research Development Engineering Center (ARDEC) has pursued efforts to improve the ignition of gun propellants which has been demonstrated to be the root cause of many tribulations for gun systems. We have developed several extrudable nitrocellulose-BKNO3 based igniter materials that are more energetic, and exhibit smaller ignition delay times than most traditional igniters. We have demonstrated this via static firing. High speed video during static testing has demonstrated significantly more consistent, intense, and rapid flame generation in comparison to Benite leading to improved ignition effectiveness of the propellant bed.



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8. Patent Pending.



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