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  • Balakrishnam R Jampana (a1), Omkar K Jani (a2), Hongbo Yu (a3), Ian T Ferguson (a4), Brian E McCandless (a5), Steven S Hegedus (a6), Robert L Opila (a7) and Christiana B Honsberg (a8)...


Schottky-barrier photovoltaic devices are fabricated by selective metal deposition on p-GaN. A 1.25 V open-circuit voltage is observed for the best device. Devices were optimized by annealing in forming gas at temperatures ranging from 550°C to 700°C. Annealing time and forming gas flow rate are used to control the metal-semiconductor Schottky barrier formation. Optimum fabrication parameters are achieved based on photovoltaic response from the devices under UV illumination. Barrier heights (0.47 eV - 0.49 eV) were used as basis to compare the device response. The Schottky-barrier height is very sensitive to processing conditions, for example a 2.5% increase in barrier height is observed when Schottky contact annealing temperature is changed from 600 °C to 650 °C. Under UV illumination, the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current increase with increasing annealing temperature while the series resistance decreases under such conditions.



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