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NiSi formation in the Ni(Ti) /SiO 2 /Si System

  • R.T.P. Lee (a1), D.Z. Chi (a1) and S.J. Chua (a1)


A NiSi silicide process employing a Ni(Ti) alloy has been investigated. It was experimentally demonstrated that a small amount of Ti in Ni could overcome the reaction-inhibiting effect of an interfacial oxide layer on Si. Ti in the deposited Nil film reacts with the interfacial oxide, yielding an altered oxide layer, which acts as a Ni-permeable diffusion membrane during silicidation. Good diode characteristics were obtained from p+/n silicided Ni(Ti)-diodes with an initial interfacial oxide. It is believed that the ability to form silicide effectively in the presence of a native oxide will greatly relieve constraints on processing conditions and significantly enhance manufacturing yield.



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NiSi formation in the Ni(Ti) /SiO 2 /Si System

  • R.T.P. Lee (a1), D.Z. Chi (a1) and S.J. Chua (a1)


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