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New Thermoelectric Arsenides and Antimonides for High Temperature Applications

  • Hong Xu (a1), Navid Soheilnia (a2), Huqin Zhang (a3), Paola N. Alboni (a4), Terry M. Tritt (a5) and Holger Kleinke (a6)...


Three different materials crystallizing in the cubic Ir3Ge7 type are under investigation in our group, namely Mo3(Sb,Te)7, Nb3(Sb,Te)7, and Re3(E,As)7 (with E = Si, Ge, Sn). Our electronic structure calculations reveal a band gap to occur at 55 valence-electrons in all three cases, namely Mo3Sb5Te2, Nb3Sb2Te5, and Re3 EAs6. Cubic holes exist in these structures that may be filled with small cations such as 3d transition metal atoms. Ni0.06Mo3Sb5.4Te1.6 is a degenerate p-type semiconductor that reaches ZT = 0.96 at 750°C, while Re3Ge0.6As6.4 is a degenerate n- type semiconductor with slightly lower ZT values. Preliminary results indicate that the Re3(Sn,As)7 system may be the most promising of the rhenium arsenides.



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New Thermoelectric Arsenides and Antimonides for High Temperature Applications

  • Hong Xu (a1), Navid Soheilnia (a2), Huqin Zhang (a3), Paola N. Alboni (a4), Terry M. Tritt (a5) and Holger Kleinke (a6)...


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