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New Paramagnetic Center and High Conductivity in a-Si1-x Ru x :H Thin Films

  • Jian He (a1), Wei Li (a1), Rui Xu (a1), An-ran Guo (a1), Yin Wang (a1) and Ya-dong Jiang (a1)...


In this work, the metallic element Ru is introduced into a-Si:H. The structural and electrical properties of the films doped with Ru have been investigated. Raman spectra reveal that the addition of Ru disarranges further the intrinsically disordered amorphous network and generates more coordinated defects. Meanwhile, a new paramagnetic signal, associated with the holes localized in valence band tail, has been observed. Moreover, the conductivity increases by about nine orders of magnitude with the increase of doping concentration, and the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) results show that this material may have a potential application in the infrared detectors.


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New Paramagnetic Center and High Conductivity in a-Si1-x Ru x :H Thin Films

  • Jian He (a1), Wei Li (a1), Rui Xu (a1), An-ran Guo (a1), Yin Wang (a1) and Ya-dong Jiang (a1)...


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