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New Nonlinear Optically Active Polymers Containing Hydrazone Chromophores

  • M. N. Mang (a1), S. E. Bales (a1), D. J. Brennan (a1), M. A. Chartier (a1), R. J. Gulotty (a1), A. P. Haag (a1), M. N. Inbasekaran (a1), C. A. Langhoff (a1) and M. D. Newsham (a1)...


A family of new polymeric nonlinear optical materials with high second order non-linearities, good thermo-oxidative and reorientational stability, and low waveguide losses have been prepared from a series of chromophores containing hydrazone moieties. These new polymerizable chromophores can be readily prepared by the acid-catalyzed condensation of substituted arylhydrazines with functionalized ketones or aldehydes to give molecules that have μ3 values up to 2440 × 10−48 esu (1579 nm) in solution. Thermoplastic polycarbonates and poly(hydroxy ethers) containing hydrazone chromophores have been prepared with Tg's ranging from 135 °C to 285 °C. Epoxy systems crosslinked with amino-functional arylhydrazones, have high d33 values and high glass transition temperatures, albeit with lower relative thermo-oxidative stability. Simple Mach-Zehnder modulators and registered multi-level structures based on these polymers have been reported previously. One device, prepared from a hydrazone-containing poly(hydroxy ether), has an r33 value of 10 pm/V (1320 nm), and retains most of that activity to 140 °C.



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