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New Magnetic and Ferroelectric Cubic Phase of Thin-Film Fe-Doped BaTiO3

  • R. Maier (a1), J. L. Cohn (a1), J. J. Neumeier (a2) and L. A. Bendersky (a3)


The properties of a new cubic perovskite phase of thin-film BaFexTi1−xO3 (0.5 ≤x≤0.75) are reported. This material is novel because the corresponding bulk compounds have hexagonal structure for comparable x. The films, grown by pulsed laser deposition on MgO and SrTiO3 substrates, are magnetic (ferro- or ferri-, with Tc > 500°C) and ferroelectric (Tc ∼ 200-300°C).



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